About Us

IJS is a private organization Founded back in 2018 by Mr.Hamid Ali Behlol whose inaugural ceremony took place in the Chicago,USA. IJS has been working on different goals such as Child education,Women empowerment,Child abuse,Religious intolerance and rights of minorities. The head office of IJS is based in Johar Town lahore with proper Team and set -up. IJS has been conducting seminars on the above mentioned topics in the different university campuses. Besides,IJS is an umbrella like organization ,under whom,Behlol foundation is also working for the welfare of poor and needy people. We are working day and night to empower the journalist community and make them aware of their responsibilities and rights that what are they capable of;making them sure that nothing bad and odd happens to them ever in life in any corner of the world. IJS aims to make this world a better place to live to the people of every sect-cum-religion.